Unprecedented events require disruptive behaviour by HR

Unprecedented events require disruptive behaviour by HR

Contributed by Mr. Tanu Tewari, General Manager – Human Resources,Columbia Asia Hospitals

Covid 19 has yet again placed HR in driver’s seat in order to steer organizations and set unique behaviour towards our internal customers- our employees.

The top priority for HR professionals is now on crisis response, managing uncertainty, keeping employees positively engaged, provide the right communication channels, tools for remote work, and lastly maintain a healthy balance between human and business.

Tanu Tewari
Mr. Tanu Tiwari

Healthcare industry has been in the thick of the pandemic. While our Frontline Corona Warriors – Doctors and Nurses are inspired enough take on the challenge head on, our employees from various support functions like Customer Care, Laboratory, Radiology, Housekeeping & Food and Beverage act as enablers.

We have been fortunate to have a team which understands the responsibility and accountability which comes at this time. Guided by our values,Columbia Asia has always kept Customer First by providing highest standards of Excellence in patient care through Teamwork of clinicians and support staff, this with utmost Integrity, altruistic Caring and at the same time spearheaded special projects like- Good Samaritan in order to give back to Community.

Quicks wins for us during these trying times:

a.       Practice empathy and address concerns- Understand the situation demands an higher usage of emotional quotient than ever before. Address the concerns not just on superficial level and make a genuine effort to reach the last mile and treat each case on its own merits and need.

b.      Keep the business running – Tap on every opportunity to optimize costs without comprising on quality and safety. Push the throttle to accelerate and support team to increase top line by exploring new avenues, if required.

c.       Candid and constant communication-Honest and Compassionate communication from our Leaders at various levels has helped us to win morale in our teams.

d.      Insulate confidence in Clinicians and other Corona Warriors – Team was able to percolate the determination, fortitude and assurance in the Brand to our esteemed customers.

e.      Providing teams financial security -Based on Maslow theory, we took care of employees physical & mental wellbeing and provided them with financial security to perform their duties at their best.

f.        Embrace and utilize available technology- Re-prioritize the employee engagement and training programs in order to channelize their energy and focus through mental wellness workshops, virtual training and unit level unique engagement initiatives.

Organisations must be open-minded during this unprecedented experience and adapt to a new normal of challenge and opportunity. While some cost-optimization will be inevitable, those who protect and invest in critical talent will win in the long term. Now is the time to innovate and explore new thinking.

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