UDNPIC – An Innovative Effort to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic by Researchers at Alliance University

UDNPIC – An Innovative Effort to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic by Researchers at Alliance University

Researchers at Alliance University, Bengaluru, a renowned Private University in South India have developed a low-cost, portable and easy to operate ‘Ultraviolet Disinfection Negative Pressure Isolation Chamber (UDNPIC)’ to protect front-line health workers from the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

UDNPIC - An Innovative Effort to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic by Researchers at Alliance University
UDNPIC developed by Alliance University researchers

In the ongoing fight against the pandemic, one of the potential risks that doctors, nurses and paramedical staff face is the rapid spread of the infection and inadequate protection systems. Although there are PPE’s such as masks, face shields and gowns available, the inadequacy in terms of quantity and ease of availability pose sufficient challenges while treating patients. With compassion towards the front-line health workers at the very core of the discovery, researchers at Alliance University developed the UDNPIC keeping in mind these essential features:

  1. Ensure isolation of the patient through NPIC
  2. Create negative pressure inside the chamber, thus limiting the transmission and spread of the infection
  3. Inactivate the virus and other contaminants by exposure to radiation energy 
  4. Ensure no active contaminants escape from the system untreated by channelizing through a HEPA filter
  5. Exhaust clean air out of the isolation room to the external environment 

The research has been carried out by the following members:

  • Dr. Harinath Aireddy (Assistant Professor & Member of Center for Applied Research, Alliance University)
  • Dr. Reeba Korah (Interim Dean, Alliance College of Engineering and Design)

The researchers are confident that the portable, low-cost UDNPIC system will prove to be a pivotal step in the combat against the COVID-19 pandemic. With the system being tested at renowned hospitals in Bengaluru, it is a matter of time and mass production could be initiated to protect many front-line workers and ensure their personal safety and prevent the spread of the virus. 

Research at Alliance has been pivotal in defining the success of the University. Alliance University has provided a platform for its members to engage in cutting-edge research and focus on innovations that would add immense value to the society. The University would like to applaud and congratulate the researchers for their timely and pertinent contribution. With the country and the rest of the world grappling with the situation on hand, the University is confident that UDNPIC  would prove to be an innovation that would ensure front-line workers go back to their homes safely. 

Alliance University and its members would like to extend their sincere gratitude to all the ‘Corona Warriors’ who are risking their own lives to save the lives of those infected. UDNPIC is a tribute to them.

About Alliance University:

Alliance University is a Private University established in Karnataka State by Act No. 34 of year 2010 and is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi. The University has baccalaureate concentrations, postgraduate offerings, doctoral degree programs and several professional certificate programs.

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