TRIO World Academy to host virtual IB Diploma Information webinar for Parents

Considering the ongoing pandemic, Trio World Academy will be hosting an virtual IB diploma information webinar for the parents and caregivers looking for an IB curriculum for their children in an extraordinary international school on Saturday, 27th June 2020 between 11 am to 12pm.The webinar is aimed at helping the parents gain an insight into the curriculum, benefits for students and its global appeal.

It will be conducted virtually to help parents secure an overview of the school environment, understand how to work with the school to help child gain the best out of the school, daily schedule, activities and facilities offered to students,  learn more about the curriculum, gain an insight into child’s daily schedule and activities, build a strong relationship with child’s potential teachers and connect with other parents.

The IB Diploma Program is an elite international high school certification that not only challenges the student academically but also works to the all-round development of the student with the aim of making them global citizens. The students are encouraged to develop a strong work ethic and an awareness of their community.

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