This pandemic here are the top 5 useful apps for Teachers!

This pandemic here are the top 5 useful apps for Teachers!

The world of digitisation is becoming more and more our reality with each passing day. The pandemic has brought the world to a standstill and forced people to stay indoors and work from home. All sectors in every field including education & teaching have adopted a digital way of life. As schools and educational institutions are conducting classes online, teachers are finding new opportunities & challenges that come with the online mode of teaching. Keeping students attentive, monitoring their performance, analysing gaps in learning and establishing a personal connection with them are just some of the areas where teachers are facing difficulties.

To address and ease some of those issues, here are our top 5 apps for teachers:

  • Teachee – Teachee is a platform that allows teachers to make the most out of online education.With online schooling gaining momentum in our country, it enables them to create and run a successful online school without any struggle. It allows them to create their own website or mobile application and make tailored courses for their students with the tools provided on the application. It even offers an integrated payments platform which helps with easy fee collection and keeps away all the hassle, letting teachers focus on their content. The app also enables them to teach in a diverse manner with many feature offerings that help reach a larger audience. A unique feature is that it assures exclusivity of the content on the platform as Teachee ensures content safety with their multi-level encryption methods and ensures that the courses are not plagiarized. It also allows for perfect in-app integration with Zoom that enables smooth interaction and a customized feature selection where users can personalize & configure services according to their needs. The app also provides various unique marketing tools to help teachers market their courses to increase reach and enrolment.
  • Avocado – Science & Maths are two subjects where kids have trouble relating to their immediate application, hence they may feel less motivated to learn these subjects. Avocado is an app to practice questions from Maths and Science textbooks. Getting kids to practice at home is a difficult task in itself but the Avocado app makes this experience a fun and interesting one. Using the app, students can access customized practice tests, detailed answer rationales, and review of results with just a few taps. The app also gives access to analytics to help build a winning strategy for outcome-based learning.
  • Duolingo – If you’re a foreign language teacher, this app is a really good way to get your students to practice their vocabulary. It offers learners a variety of languages including Spanish, Dutch, Danish, French, Italian, German and even English. Free to download and use, it reinforces what you’ve learned via fun tests and quizzes. It’s not just popular with school students but also with people of all age groups who want to learn a new language.
  • Epic – Epic is an app to help children engage in immersive reading habits. They can access over 40,000+ high-quality books which are free to teachers & librarians worldwide. It ensures unlimited reading and learning in children from home and at school. Teachers can identify each student’s reading priorities & create customized profiles for them. Various types of books like audio, video, read along, e-books & read to me books make it unique from its competitors.
  • Trello – Trello enables educators and teachers to have trouble-free project management through apps. They can make students follow the instructions & mark progress on each project stage. It also has a digital whiteboard that allows for better collaboration while teaching and can be used to share notes as well. It’s API integration allows users to access Google Drive & Slack to share information.

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