Teach For India announces the final round of applications for its Fellowship programme.

Teach For India announces the final round of applications for its Fellowship programme.

Teach For India announces the final round of applications for its Fellowship programme. The deadline for the same is 8th March 2020.

The Teach For India Fellowship is a 2-year full-time paid opportunity for India’s most promising individuals, both recent graduates, and working professionals, to serve as teachers to children in some of the nation’s most under-resourced schools.

Teach For India announces the final round of applications for its Fellowship programme.

Shaheen Mistri, Founder and CEO of Teach For India says, “Through its two-part theory of change, Teach For India builds a movement of the next generation of educators and classroom leaders from our nation, who eventually impact communities through targeted initiatives that reduce the burden of educational inequity in India.”

Over 75,000 people have applied to the Fellowship since its inception in 2009.  It has welcomed candidates from top colleges such as New York University, University of British Columbia, St. Xavier’s College, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Delhi University, among others. Fellowship candidates also hail from top corporations such as Google, Amazon, Accenture, IBM, General Motors, Novartis, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Dell, Citigroup, Tata Group, Wipro, and JP Morgan Chase.

Through this experience, Fellows who work in classrooms liaise with key education stakeholders like students, principals, parents and communities. They are exposed to the grassroots realities of India’s education system and begin to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to deeply understand the various problems in their student’s context and begin imagining solutions both for their own classrooms and communities in the short term and for the country in the long term.

Teach For India Fellows receive a solid foundation in classroom instruction and pedagogy. They also receive ongoing technical training, and interactive workshops for personal development both from in-house trainers, and external experts through the course of the Fellowship.

Sairaj, a Teach For India student from Pune who is now a young Animal Rights Activist in the 11th Grade, has this to say about his Fellows- “My Fellows introduced me to challenges, ones which would help me learn what my areas of strength and development are. Being in a Teach For India classroom has made me the person I am today.”

67% of Teach For India Alumni are working in the Education/ Development sector. 51% of Alumni are working with / have founded organisations that are serving marginalised communities and sections of the society. These include prestigious organisations like Indus Action, Simple Education Foundation, Slam Out Loud and Aftertaste.

Shalini Datta, a former Teach For India Fellow from 2010, and founder of Mumbai based organisation Aftertaste, has this to say about the lasting impact of the Fellowship- “The Teach For India Fellowship has imparted an unwavering sense of integrity, of never slowing down and working relentlessly towards the cause of eliminating inequality of opportunities. That is what we strive to do each day at Aftertaste – empower women from under-resourced communities and enable them to truly break the vicious cycle for them and their families.”

Teach For India equips Fellows with skills such as planning and execution, stakeholder management, empathy, patience, and resourcefulness. This has enabled Fellows to become top candidates for consideration at the world’s best universities, such as Harvard, Cornell, IIM, Columbia, and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences; and reputed companies- Godrej, Bain & Company, Salesforce, Radio Mirchi, KPMG, HDFC Bank, etc.

Over 900 Fellows are currently changing educational outcomes for over 32000 of our nation’s children across 7 cities- Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. Teach For India Fellows are critical thinkers and problem solvers. They have grit, courage and set high expectations for themselves and for others. They create ecosystems of collaboration and change and have advanced interpersonal skills that allow them to liaise with stakeholders from every realm of society.

If you find yourself with the skills and will to create a better world- apply for the Teach For India Fellowship today! The final round of applications for this year (2020-22) is only open till 8th March.

To apply, visit – http://apply.teachforindia.org/.


A part of a global Teach For All network of 50 countries, with a shared vision of an excellent education for all children, Teach For India (TFI) is a non-profit organisation that began its operations in 2009 when they on-boarded the first cohort of its two-year Fellowship programme. The organisation’s mission is to end educational inequity in India by creating a strong pipeline of driven, skilled talent within the educational ecosystem of this nation.

For more information on the application process, follow this link- https://www.teachforindia.org/faqs/

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