Square Panda Launches a Revolutionary Reading Platform to Support Reading Success In Kids

Square Panda Launches a Revolutionary Reading Platform to Support Reading Success In Kids

Developed by US-based edtech company Square PandaSquareTales is a revolutionary reading app for pre-readers. Designed by neuroscientists from Stanford University, the child can start reading stories by starting with just 8 letters. The phonics learning system combines early reading skills and multi-sensory play.

How SquareTales Reading Application Works

Language learning is an integral part of every child’s life (children have to attend school for many years to learn how to read), but what most parents might not know is that learning to read is actually a very complex skill. Some intense rewiring needs to happen inside a learner’s brain so that they can read skillfully. In fact, the best learning actually happens when the child is very young. Research says that 85% of a child’s brain develops before the age of 5. Which suddenly puts a spotlight on early learning, and early reading in particular.

Globally, the company has helped more than 90,000 children aged 2-8 to learn the fundamentals of English. The SquareTales Reading App is unique, using digital learning and positive reinforcement to turn children into independent readers for life.

Square Panda is offering the first month free to all parents in India to try the platform for their child. 

Square Panda India: The company opened its office in India in 2018 (HQ: Sunnyvale, CA & BO: Beijing, CN), which is its largest so far. The first literacy product to be STEM.org certified, their award-winning US-based edutech organisation is trusted by parents and educators around the world, with proven results amongst 2000+ schools, and 90,000+ kids. The curriculum was designed over a period of many years, by a team of experts in the field of early education, including neuroscientists, teachers, and others. SquareTales has the potential to be the volume driver in the business given the exponential use of smartphones in India. Educational apps market in India is expected to grow at 27% CAGR by 2022. Mobility and social distancing protocols work in favor of using educational apps. We plan to expand to tier I and tier II cities of India.

SquareTales App advantage: SquareTales is a unique tool to turn early learners from pre-readers into independent readers. Each SquareTales story introduces letters via word families (like ‘ap’, ‘in’, etc.), and common sight words. The activities, songs, rhymes, and more, also follow the same patterns. SquareTales is for young learners between the ages of 2 and 8. SquareTales progresses each month as children gain reading skills.

The platform uses a patented blending engine ‘SwipePhonics’  to teach very young children to read, using stories. Not just read, but read independently, by themselves. The app can be used on both tablet and mobile app.

SquareTales provides an ad-free, safe, and secure environment for your kids to have fun and learn.

Ashish Jhalani, Managing Director – India: “The objective of Square Panda is to enable young children to learn English through a neuroscience-backed multisensory learning system. Yes, we are a product company, but at the end of the day, ‘literacy’ is at the top of our mission.”

Andre Agassi, Chairman and Founder: “SquareTales promotes independent learning through technology. Kids are rewarded by being able to read books by themselves! By bringing together smart learning games with letters kids can touch, hold and move, Square Panda opens the power of phonics to a new generation of learners.”

Dr. Jawahar Surisetti, Advisory Board Member-Square Panda India, Advisor to Government, TED Speaker, Psychologist, Bestselling Author: “With SquareTales, the child learns not only ABCD, but learns how to pronounce them, how to read them, in sets of eight letters, with stories. If you are able to put that fun element into learning, children will guide themselves. Square Panda has done exactly that!”

Download the SquareTales Reading App today from the Play Store or the App Store or give us a missed call on 1800-123-999-996 to get the download link.

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