Post-treatment for spinal injury at Plexus, Mysore Businessman Walks after 11 Years

Post-treatment for spinal injury at Plexus, Mysore Businessman Walks after 11 Years

Anand, a 49-year old businessman from Mysore walks on his own and has new hope for his life after 11 years having received a 4-month treatment at Bengaluru’s Plexus Neuro and Stem Cell Research Centre.

Plexus Neuro And Stem Cell Research Centre

Anand had met with an unfortunate road accident which had a serious impact on his spinal cord resulting in permanent spinal cord injury. It was a devastating event and impacted his overall well-being by affecting him and his family physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. A single man, living with and taking care of his frail elderly parents added more despair to his state of life. Anand was paralysed from neck below and couldn’t even wipe his own tears.

Before Treatment - Plexus Neuro And Stem Cell Research Centre
Before Treatment

After having consulted many doctors and undergone many treatments, Anand was left with disappointment and no improvement in his health.  Finally, he was referred to Dr. Na’eem Sadiq and Plexus in Bengaluru. On evaluating Anand’s medical history, Dr. Sadiq accepted taking on his medical case and assured Anand and his family of using every advanced technology available at Plexus to normalise his life.

At Plexus, Anand underwent a customised treatment approach which was planned after looking into the critical evaluation of his strengths and weaknesses. A group of rehabilitation professionals at Plexus focused on every aspect of his recovery beginning from his poor posture to the use of his hands and legs. The unique ‘Regenerative Rehabilitation Program’ focused on refining his sensation, strength and daily activities including bowel and bladder control.

On completion of his 4-month long treatment, Anand is now able to hold a spoon, eat, write, wear clothes and walk independently with the help of a walker. Anand’s 11-year long tussle finally ended at Plexus and marks the beginning of a new life for Anand and his family.

After Treatment
After Treatment at Plexus Neuro And Stem Cell Research Centre

An overjoyed Anand emphatically said, “I never thought that I would regain the use of my hands and legs but Dr. Sadiq and his team at Plexus have gone beyond my expectations. My fear of falling has vanished and I am now able to grip things with my hands as well as walk for long durations. The environment at Plexus is very homely. They made me feel very comfortable and boosted my confidence in becoming better and independent. I would like to thank Dr. Sadiq and the team at Plexus in giving me a new lease of life.”

Dr Na’eem Sadiq, Founder and Medical Director, Plexus Neuro and Stem Cell Research Centre said with pride, “Anand and his family came to us with his dangling lifeless feet, an unsteady trunk and deformed hands on a wheelchair. We are extremely happy to see Anand walking out of our Centre on his own. We attribute the successful treatment to Anand’s unwavering belief, motivation and determination in healing and recovering.”

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