Pearson India enhances English learning experience with the launch of “Longman English Dictionary” series

New Delhi, 28th October 2020: In line with its vision to provide the best resources and enhance English learning and teaching experience, Pearson, the world’s learning company today launched the latest series of “Longman English Dictionary” catering to the diverse set of students and their requirements. The new additions come with a comprehensive, most accurate, and updated compilation of information for students as per the level. The dictionaries are easy to use and understand, have a wide global recognition, help in enhancing the language skills by providing contextual and descriptive illustration for elementary and junior level learners to generate interest and in-depth understanding of the language for advanced learners.

Commenting on the launch, Rajesh Pankajakshan, Director-Product, Pearson India, said, “English language proficiency is a key requirement in today’s global working world and its importance has increased manifold over the last few years. With our new and updated versions of the dictionaries that are uniquely curated to help students learn English more effectively and proficiently, we aim to cater to each learner’s need to simplify their learning process. Longman has a rich legacy and has been a recognized name in world-class English dictionaries since 1978. It is trusted by people globally & I am confident that these dictionaries will find relevance amongst the Indian learners and act as a catalyst for them to master the essential language skills.”

The new versions of the Longman English dictionaries include:

·         Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 6th edition: LDOCE6 is the brand-new edition to the best-selling Longman dictionary series to enhance the learning and teaching experience. The latest edition includes 300,000 words, phrases and meanings and 88,000 pronounced examples + 1 million additional corpus examples. The book also hosts Integrated Collocations dictionary with 147,000 collocations and integrated Thesaurus with over 48,000 synonyms, antonyms, and related words

·         Longman Elementary Dictionary: The newly updated Longman Elementary Dictionary is a unique dictionary intended to help students learn English more comprehensively. The dictionary contains more than 2800 relevant English words, including words of contemporary relevance. The dictionary is also more descriptive and illustrative to help students understand the meaning of the words in a better way.

·         Longman Basic English Dictionary: The newly updated Longman Basic English Dictionary, third edition makes learning new words easier and more enjoyable for students at pre-intermediate level witha list of13,000 words with simple and clear and simple definitions.

·         Longman Dictionary of Common Errors,2e: Longman Dictionary of Common Errors is based entirely on the Longman Learner’s Corpus. Its clear layout and easy-to-use format make it an indispensable guide for students who want to avoid or correct mistakes in their spoken or written English.

·         Longman New Junior English Dictionary,2e (Updated Edition): This new edition will be students delight as this book is full of illustration, lucid and natural examples and 12,000 new words.

·         Longman Active Study Dictionary, 5e: The most up-to-date and comprehensive dictionary at this levelwith 100,000 words, phrases and meanings which will bring great value and understanding to the reader.

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