Oral health screening a must for everyone: NURA doctors

These check-ups need to go beyond mere visual inspection by a dentist

BENGALURU / March 19, 2022: Oral diseases are one of the leading contributions to disability in India across all age groups. Dental cavities, oral cancers and gum diseases form a significant chunk of oral health problems among Indians. Though there is no baseline data regarding the exact prevalence, it is estimated that more than half of Indians suffer from some kind of an oral health problem including dental caries and gum diseases. India has the largest number of oral cancer cases and one-third of the total burden of oral cancer globally. The habit of chewing tobacco and gutka is one of the leading causes for the rise in incidence of oral cancer in India. In fact, oral cancer has emerged as the number one cancer in men in India currently.

Said Dr. Tausif Ahmed Thangalvadi, Medical Director, NURA: “Considering the high prevalence of oral diseases in the country, it is important for everyone to make oral check-up a regular part of one’s annual health screening. These check-ups need to go beyond mere visual inspection by a dentist, as there are a variety of oral diseases that need specialized diagnostic devices to be detected.”

He added: “A specialized oral health screening should check for diseases and disorders of the mouth such as ulcers and mucosal patches like black and white patches, cancerous lesions like leukoplakia, changes occurring due to smoking, tobacco consumption and pan chewing, cavities, gum diseases, gingival issues, inability to fully open the mouth and a checkup for previous or ongoing dental treatments or implants.”

Advances health screening centers like NURA use a fluorescent light technology-based device for oral inspection for accurate and precise outcomes. Using a combination of white light and blue light, as many as 12 images of oral cavity are taken, including below the tongue and gum areas. These images are then run through advanced Ai software which gives its interpretation regarding oral health. These Ai interpretations assist the dentist in making comprehensive oral health reports and offer advice.

Said Dr. Tausif Ahmed Thangalvadi: “Most of the oral health problems can be nipped in the bud if detected early. It is therefore highly recommended that you make oral health screening a part of your annual health screening program.”

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