Omani boy returns home after life-saving rare Cardiac Surgery at MGM Healthcare

-The Patient and Family leaves India by a special mission evacuation flight after the successful surgery

MGM Healthcare, a super-specialty quaternary care hospital in the heart of Chennai city, announced the successful completion of yet another complex cardiac surgery. The surgery was performed by the leading heart transplant surgeon Dr K R Balakrishnan,  Chairman – Cardiac Sciences and Director – Heart and Lung Transplant & Mechanical Circulatory Support, Dr Suresh Rao K G, Co- Director, Institute of Heart and lung transplantation and Dr Ganapathy cardiothoracic surgeon and the team.

Commenting on the boy’s condition at the time of admission, Dr K R Balakrishnan said, “Ansar (Name Changed)  had complaints of hemoptysis and abdominal distention. He had undergone intracardiac repair with transannual patch at the age of 9 months for Tetralogy of Fallot in 2015. He was evaluated at an outside hospital for deranged LFT and portal hypertension. The echocardiogram revealed severe pulmonary regurgitation with regurgitant fraction of 66% and RVEF 32%. He had an intact VSD patch with no residual shunt.” The boy was referred to MGM Healthcare by another private hospital in the city.

After routine pre-operative investigations, Ansar was taken up to surgery for pulmonary valve implantation. Post-surgery, he was shifted to the ICU with stable hemodynamics and inotropic support. He was gradually weaned off the ventilator and extubated on the first post-operative day. The inotropic support was gradually tapered off. The boy responded well and was shifted to the ward on the third post-operative day.

Speaking on the complex surgery Dr Suresh Rao K G, Co- Director, Institute of Heart and lung transplantation said “Ansar came to India for a liver transplant as his liver condition was failing. The primary cause for the liver failure was right heart failure because of pulmonary leak. Now that we have corrected the leak his condition will improve to get stable for a liver transplant if the liver condition does not improve.” 

Ansar was discharged on the ninth post-operative day. At the time of discharge, he was alert and afebrile and is now doing well. His chest wound is healing well. The sutures have been removed and the wound looks healthy.

“We are happy we were referred to MGM Healthcare. While they were giving my son a new lease of life, the doctors and nurses hand-held us throughout these difficult days, reassuring us continuously that everything would be fine. This care is something that we will cherish all our lives,” said a delighted, Ansar’s father.

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