MGM Healthcare Bets Big on Shared Expertise

 MGM Healthcare, a quaternary care hospital in the heart of the city, has reiterated its global vision by becoming the meeting ground for both global and Indian expertise and innovation. On September 28, 2019 two complex cardiac interventional procedures were performed by Dr. Madan Mohan B., Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead, Department of Cardiology, MGM Healthcare and Dr. Atsunori Okamura, Director of Cardiology and Coronary & Peripheral Intervention, Sakurabashi Watanabe Hospital, Japan. The two doctors worked together at MGM Healthcare’s technologically advanced monoplane cath lab. 

The first patient is a 51-year-old who was diagnosed with a complex chronic total occlusion (CTO), which is a complete obstruction of a coronary artery; and the second patient is a 70-year-old who was diagnosed with a complex coronary left main artery disease.

Generally, these conditions require surgical intervention due to the complexity of the procedure. However, the two cardiologists chose to go ahead with the rarely opted interventional route, as both the patients weren’t wanting to undergo bypass surgery. Post-surgery, both the patients are doing well.

MGM’s state-of-the-art equipment complemented the expertise from Japan. To clear a complex CTO with standard equipment usually takes close to 3 hours but with MGM’s investment in advanced technology like specialised wires that are thicker than usual and specialised balloons that are used by specialised hands with precision, it was possible for both the doctors to clear the CTO in a 30 minutes.

This approach, while rare in India, is the most common mode of treatment of complex CTOs in Japan.

About MGM Healthcare

MGM Healthcare, a quaternary care hospital in the heart of the city, has 400 beds, 100 ICU beds, 250+ doctors, 12 Centres of Excellence, 30+ departments, 12 operation theatres and 24×7 emergency care. MGM Healthcare offers many technological advancements which include cutting-edge developments such as a 3 Tesla MRI scanner, biplane cath lab, an advanced mammogram machine, a wireless fetal monitoring system, an IoT-enabled ICU charting system and a neuronavigation system. The combined expertise of an experienced team of surgeons, physicians, technicians, nurses, paramedical, administrative and maintenance staff – led by Dr. Prashanth Rajagopalan, Director and Dr. Rahul Menon, CEO – ensures highly personalized care of the finest quality.

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