LISAA School of Design resumes classes in Google Meet

LISAA School of Design resumes classes in Google Meet

LISAA has been one of the first institutes to resume classes online. The goal is to not let the students’ precious time be wasted.

“Today we are conducting the training sessions for teachers on how to use ‘Google Meet’ to conduct classes,” explains Avi Keswani, Founder & Director, LISAA School of Design

LISAA School of Design resumes classes in Google Meet

“Classes resume to normal from tomorrow, except that they will be held online,” informs Avi.

How it works is a recording of the class is uploaded on Google Drive right after the class gets over. This is not only to maintain documentation but also to ensure that students who have failed to attend the class for some reason have access to the recording.

Students at home shall also be constructively engaged through this attempt instead of idling around/ worrying incessantly. 

“Since we are uncertain when the normal functioning of the college shall resume, its imperative that we take an initiative to resume learning for students. This is the time to be self-conscientious and realise that excellent leadership lies in not doesn’t looking at the govt for  support but also proactively taking measures to aid in whatever way we can,” adds Avi
AT this point the goal of LISAA is to ensure that the students’ academic year does not get wasted and that they are able to impart the learning outcomes they set out for at the onset of this semester. 

“We are not sure how BCU exam dates or LISAA Jury dates shall be impacted but we are determined to perform to the best of our abilities,” says a hopeful AviImportance of Staying Engaged with Work at this Time!!

  • Working from home can be rather stressful at times. 
  • Sometimes the quarantine itself can lead to stress. As we self isolate ourselves, seeing the faces we are used to seeing regularly at work and in classes can destress us a lot. Hence suggest using these connecting platforms to keep things moving at a normal pace. 
  • Also sharing each other’s calendars can help with organising meetings accordingly. 
  • Extremely important to stay engaged especially at this time. 
  • In these stressful times, work can prove to be something that not only keeps us engaged but gives us the fulfillment that one gets after a productive day!
  • Apart from exercise and meditation, it is work that adds a meditative quality to our life, if we let it.

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