LIDO Launches English Language Tutoring for Middle School Kids for Better Proficiency and Fluency

Mumbai : Lido Learning, an EdTech start-up focussed on small group online tutoring for Grades 4-9, has launched English language coaching as its third subject, alongside Math and Science. Lido is the first of its kind to offer comprehensive English language coaching online for this young age group in India. 

When Lido launched in March 2019, it offered only Math and Science tutoring to students from English medium schools but quickly found out that students on the platform were struggling to speak and read English.

“For a lot of our students with weaker English skills, it was difficult to interpret word problems in Math or answer questions in Science. Consequently, they resorted to rote learning without applying their brains or understanding the basic concepts. Realising and acknowledging language as the key enabler for education, we decided to offer English coaching to these students to cement their foundations, critical for succeeding not just in school but also life,” says Sahil Sheth, founder and CEO. “English is one of the most valuable skills, and we are very excited to be offering it,” he adds.  

Lido’s English curriculum focuses not just on grammar, comprehension, and writing – the skills that are taught and tested in the syllabus – but also lays huge emphasis on spoken skills. The teaching methodology includes hands-on exercises and activities that help students build their English fluency through conversation by simulating real-life settings. Additionally, Lido’s unique learning format of small group tutoring with a teacher to student ratio of 1:6 enables personalised attention and mentoring that is necessary for developing strong conversational skills. 

Shiby Nair, one of Lido’s first English tutors, said: “Teaching English on the Lido platform is really exciting. Since the content creation is taken care of, I can give my full energy and attention to the development of each and every child in my class to really push their conversational abilities and confidence.”

“Just like in China with VIPKid, we see a huge market opportunity in India where parents are eager to build their child’s English skills and are looking for an effective, convenient and affordable method to do so,” said Sheth, “and Lido’s English program provides exactly that at a nominal cost of INR 2000 per month.”   

It is a fact that most English learning apps and institutes in India focus on adult learners, but it is scientifically proven that language skills develop much faster in kids. Lido is set to bridge this gap by focussing on kids in the age group of 9-13. Based on its initial success, the EdTech is anticipating soaring demand and preparing to hire another 300 English teachers in the coming month. 


Lido Learning (Quality Tutorials Pvt. Ltd.) was launched in April 2019 by Sahil Sheth, offering live tutoring and personalized online coaching sessions to students from Classes 5-9 in Math and Sciences from both CBSE and ICSE boards. The platform characterises itself as an online immersive live tutoring platform for students including features like interactive sessions, engaging quizzes and immersive games. The app can be found on Google Play Store. 

Every session has a maximum student to teacher ratio of 6:1 to ensure that each student receives enough coaching, feedback and doubt clearing. Within the classroom, students are grouped according to similar achievement levels to ensure that the in-class experience can be personalised as per pace and content. With advanced analytics and tracking, Lido can create unique learning journeys for every student. Based on their class performance, students are given customised homework, remedial help, and challenges to push their limits. 

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