Learning Goes Digital for Over 1 Lakh

Learning Goes Digital for Over 1 Lakh

– EuroKids Group Students
– Equips students with new learning initiatives while pre-schools and schools stay shut

EuroKids International, India’s leading early childhood education company, is rolling out several new initiatives to help their students continue with learning and engagement, across all its divisions during the nationwide shutdown. The objective of the new digitally-enabled learning programs is to create a seamless experience and enable students to keep pace with their academic and non-academic milestones. Besides, it is also programmed to engage and help children stay positive during the lockdown phase. With the start of the new academic season and ongoing sessions for higher grades 9th to 12th, the initiative brings great relief to parents, anxious and concerned about their child’s educational progress with schools shutting down across the country with ongoing corona pandemic.

For pre-school children, EuroKids and Kangaroo Kids’ the curriculum team is sharing structured activities that parents can use to have a daily dose of engagement with the child at home. Each activity will help parents drive the learning of new skills and ensure retention in the child. One of the main advantages of these modules is that it also assists parents in reducing screen time for the child, which is expected to rise while practising social distancing. Excitingly there are also App-based modules that help them track progress and milestones in learning on a weekly basis and record their observations. Teachers are creating concept-based videos and sending them to parents to aid their efforts and also offering chat support to queries posted by parents.

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For the K-12 children, that is the mainline schools – EuroSchool & Billabong High, live classes through video conferencing and recorded sessions for the new academic year are being delivered. The learning is further supplemented with digital textbooks, Q&A sessions and home assignments, powered by proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) Argus and Billabox. Schools are also using reference videos from third party sources to sources to support self-learning practices, which are delivered through the LMS The App also helps students to indulge in constructive project-based discussion and collaboration online. Loaded with self-assessment feature, the Apps also allows parents and students to track progress in learning and development on multiple parameters.

Says Mr. Prajodh Rajan, Co-founder and Group CEO, EuroKids Group“At EuroKids Group, we were very focused on first ensuring the safety & well- being of our students and once having ensured that we moved our focus on ensuring continued education during the disruption caused due to the pandemic. The investments that we made towards creating digital assets to aid learning has now come in great use as we’ve deployed them successfully across our chain of schools. We are continuously striving to be at the forefront of using technology and digital platforms as an enabler to enhance the learning experience for our students and tracking developmental milestones for the parents. Now, even as our physical schools remain closed, our virtual schools will engage our students. We want to commend all our teachers and partners as well for providing us with their support to remain in constant touch with our children across the country. We will aim to turn this period of uncertainty and anxiety into a period of safe, mindful, joyful learning.

About EuroKids International:

As India’s leading Early Childhood Education & K-12 Education company, Delivering the ‘Joy of Learning’ is at the heart of EuroKids International. By enhancing its pedagogy and consistently building a holistic, nurturing and secure learning environment for children, EuroKids is coming closer to its vision of REINVENTING EDUCATION in the country. Over the last 18 years, EuroKids International has played an active role in the evolution of the education landscape. With its portfolio of 6 brands – EuroKids Pre-School, Kangaroo Kids Pre-School, EuroKids DayCare, EuroSchool & Billabong High International, EuroKids is committed to delivering a robust foundation for future generations. The group’s ‘Child First’ ideology ensures that growth and engagement needs of a child are met in a home-like environment. Child safety focus and ensuring active engagement with parents during these crucial developmental years of the child is what makes EuroKids, a child’s Second Home. EuroKids, with its presence in over 350 cities with 1100+ pre-schools and 35 Schools is achieving new milestones in education every day.

To know more: www.eurokidsgroup.com

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