Kreative Minds organising an online group Art Exhibition “Esthetique 2022” from 28th Feb till 2nd March 2022 in their official You Tube Channel

Kreative Minds organising an online group Art Exhibition “Esthetique 2022” from 28th Feb till 2nd March 2022 in their official You Tube Channel

Esthetique 2022, the name itself calls for a look and engages the mind with serenity as well as newness. This amazing event is going to be organised with the efforts of Kreative Minds. Well to those who are thinking about the venue do not worry that you can’t reach it. This is going to be an online art exhibition. Another cherry topping about the event is that this is beginning with the ” Art Exhibition”. The name is inspired by the word Aesthetic which means beautiful.

Sophia Loren, one of the great writers of her times once said ‚ÄúBeauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something Physical.‚ÄĚ Esthetique 2022 is a platform where a great combination of artists has gathered.

Artists that have joined hands together to make this event beautiful are:

Ananta Ashok Sahane is from Nasik, Maharashtra, is not only an art teacher and an art lover but his art is par excellence. Dr (Major) Sumeet Bhandal is an artist by passion and a dentist by profession. For her art is something that inspires and motivates her and makes the world happier and brighter. Dr. Vandana Midha is a doctor by profession and works as a professor in medicine in a large teaching hospital in Ludhiana, Punjab. Art piqued her interest during the covid lockdown times.

Dr. Vibhuti Sharma has a doctorate in Fish parasitology (a branch of Zoology) , a biology and Psychology instructor, and what not? My profession also has a side keen on art. Gouri Aggarwal is an art enthusiast and also an art student who is making art as a profession. Her artwork has a unique style that makes the viewers stop at her work and admire and get deep into it. Jawaharlal Nanda is an artist from Odisha who works as a teacher and has a passion for art. An expert in Anatomy and imaginative artwork. He smoothly makes the world look at his art in awe. Keerthana Reddy is 24 years old pursuing a graphic designing and fine arts course. The one thing she likes about art is it brings new ideas into shape, emotions, and thoughts, it challenges you. Nagathas Barath is an art teacher by profession in Colombo Al Hikma national college. Nagathas has a degree in Bachelors of fine arts, visual & Technological art from the eastern university of Sri Lanka. 


R Raghavendra Rao¬†started digital art on the phone using apps last 7 years before he drew on paper. He has been drawing all art pictures from childhood to up till now a maximum of 200 different pictures have been made by him. Rajiv Kapoor¬†is from Uttarakhand, and retired from Public Sector i.e.: Oriental Insurance, Busy in Social services, Jt. Secty. in RTI Club, Uttarakhand, Ward member in Bhagwantpur Panchayat, and busy in reading books….and spent maximum time in Pencil Sketching, Oil and Acrylic Paintings….and have organised self-exhibitions-cum-sale of my artwork. Ramya Krishna Swamy, a¬†visual artist from the heart of India, New Delhi has a passion. Creating artwork is a spiritual, healing, and liberating experience.¬†

Gopis carrying milk pot

Sidharthan a¬†Visual artist¬† (Former HOD, Faculty of Visual Arts Govt. RLV College of Fine Arts, Thripunithra, Kochi) has a Master’s degree in Painting from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. Sirajuddulla Chitrakar is a¬†Potua/Pota chitrakar which is Scroll Paintings. An artist from a small town in West Bengal works mainly on tribal art forms of India using natural materials in his artwork.¬†Sneha Shivaprakash¬†is a 13-year-old living in Delta, Canada. A high school student and an overseas student of Amrita Tiwary, Kreative Minds. Along with art, she is also into dance, cadets, and piano.¬†Sona Kapoor¬†an artist and an art teacher by profession has written and published 8 books on Perfect Cooking. Holds many Post Graduate degrees from Hotel Management to Early Child Education to Print Making. Prajkta Sarvesh Huddedar¬†a Software Engineer from Bangalore. Learner of Kreative Minds and her musical journey started with Kreative Minds. She loves music and painting.

Papaya Series

Dr. Dinesh Chandra Agarwal, Former Reader & H.O.D. Painting department in J.V.Jain College, Saharanpur. U.P. At present is a freelance Painting, Photography and writing Research articles. Participates actively in Exhibiting solo and group. Debolina Majumdar is a software engineer by profession and an artist by Passion. She had been painting from the age of 5 and had always been passionate about it through the growing up years to winning various accolades which also includes the International and the National awards. Amrita Tiwary is an entrepreneur, Fine Arts Artist, and Curator. Founder-Owner of Kreative Minds. Providing platforms to artists from various art forms through Kreative Minds to showcase their work to the world. Completed various courses in the field of Art and Design.

They are all presenting their works on the theme – My Style My Art. All the participating artists will be provided a platform where the display of art will be in a way that the viewers get a complete understanding of the artwork. This platform is provided for both sale and exhibition. Art is that which needs to be understood and to do that, it must be shown. Artists are the ones who speak not in words, but with their work. Every expression of every artist is unique. Age well don’t worry there is no factor at all. Art is not about age, art is about understanding, about expressing, about feelings. 

Kreative Minds keep trying to provide such a platform to the artists from every artform. India is a rich country when it comes to Art and Culture. So, this must be told to the world. And Kreative Minds is doing exactly that. 

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