KIZOI Aims to Enroll 10,000+ Students by 2022

KIZOI Aims to Enroll 10,000+ Students by 2022

National, February 22: KIZOI, an early age education platform that caters to 2-to-6-year age groups children, has set an ambitious target to enroll 10,000 students by 2022 pan India. Currently, the platform is majorly targeting western and north Indian states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Delhi. The business aims to give world-class organized learning to preschool children at home by providing home learning kits across India. The curriculum of the platform is structured into 56 thematic units focused on multi-disciplinary learning areas such as Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Language Skills, Numeracy, Creative & Visual Arts, Science, and Social & Emotional Development.

The program offers a hybrid learning approach that combines activity and concept-based learning supported by curated videos made by early childhood practitioners. Kizoi aims to target 1000 enrollment in the first 3 months and approx. 10,000 by 2022. Parents can directly register to buy the learning kits from the official website . Guardians only need to visit the homepage of the website and select the annual learning kit based upon the age of their child. Selecting the age group will redirect them to the page where they can subscribe through the Subscribe now button to the learning kit and then just have to select the suitable payment option among all. The payment gateway also provides options to Buy Now and Pay Later through selected banking partners. Guardians can pay through national and international credit cards. The annual development program delivers 10 learning kits for the academic year that will be delivered within 3-5 days at one’s doorstep. One Kit is delivered each month including activity worksheets, brain-development flashcards, reading-enhancement storybooks, and hundreds of learning exercises with an online revision series.

Tulika Singh

“As we all know, preschool education opens the door for a child to encounter a social, organized and sustaining environment. Kizoi is a one stop solution for those concerned parents who are seeking a structured and engaging learning option for their young ones. Home based learning programs are going through a transformational stage for preschool children. Our program provides screen-free learning that protects tiny tots from over online exposure and engages them in fun-based learning activities’ ‘, said Ms. Tulika Singh, co-founder, Kizoi. She further added, “Our research team is continuously adding new learning activities with the idea of providing fun-based preschool education at home. Currently, we are targeting 10,000+ enrollments for the year 2022 and hope to double the numbers in the forthcoming year.”

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