IIM Kashipur’s DIC Inks MoU with Atal Tinkering Lab to Promote Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship in Young Students

IIM Kashipur’s DIC Inks MoU with Atal Tinkering Lab to Promote Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship in Young Students

Kashipur, 19th October 2023: The Design Innovation Centre (DIC) of the Indian Institute of Management Kashipur signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Atal Tinkering Lab of The Gurukul Foundation School, Kashipur, today for fostering a culture of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship in young students.

The MoU signing occurred at the IIM Kashipur campus, where Prof. Kumkum Bharti, Coordinator DIC, and Mr. Neeraj Kapoor, Chairman of ATL-TGFS, penned the agreement. Prof. Kulbhushan Balooni, Director of IIM Kashipur, and Mr. Ramesh Chandra Arya, Chief Education Officer, Udham Singh Nagar District, Government of Uttarakhand, were also present at the program.

The MoU aims to facilitate the exchange of skills and resources between DIC and ATL in creating and elevating the landscape of innovation and design thinking in schools by encouraging knowledge and resource exchange for design-led innovation and skill-building. It also aims to facilitate engagement among both institutions by conducting research and development projects, skill-building programs, training programs, and workshops.

Prof. Kumkum Bharti, Coordinator, DIC, termed the MoUa commitment for the future and said,“The MoU will help bring together both institutions to find solutions to contextual problems faced by the students in developing innovative ideas, which will lead to real problem-solving at the school level, fostering a culture of creativity and innovation.”

Mr. Neeraj Kapoor, Chairman of Atal Tinkering Lab, Kashipur, said, “MoU signifies the commitment to a shared vision and collective dedication. It will serve as a bridge between the two esteemed institutions to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, where DIC will serve as a catalyst for creativity, design-led innovation, and entrepreneurship by harnessing both institutions’ collective wisdom, knowledge, and resources”.

Chief Education Officer of Udham Singh Nagar district, Mr. Ramesh Chandra Arya, appreciated the signing of the MoU between the DIC, IIM Kashipur, and Atal Tinkering Lab and urged IIM Kashipur to take out this initiative to government schools for the benefit of students and teachers.

Design Innovation Centre of IIM Kashipur has been playing a pivotal role in the design and innovation domain by creating an ecosystem that connects and facilitates various stakeholders in all aspects of the innovation process, including training and support. The centre develops design thinking-led solutions to help schools and educators innovate and improve the learning experience for students. Since its inception, DIC has successfully promoted innovation by developing a culture of innovation, design thinking, and creative problem-solving by disseminating knowledge in every sphere of society.


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