IIHM Connects 50 Countries, 24 Time Zones in Opening Ceremony of World’s Biggest International Young Chef Olympiad

IIHM Connects 50 Countries, 24 Time Zones in Opening Ceremony of World’s Biggest International Young Chef Olympiad

KOLKATA, India, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The 7th International IIHM Young Chef Olympiad commenced with a grand online Opening Ceremony on the evening of 31st January, 2021. A truly new and altogether different experience, this Opening Ceremony managed to maintain the excitement, glamour and spirit of the Young Chef Olympiad even on the virtual platform. The World’s Biggest Virtual Culinary Battle for Hope, organized by the International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) in association with the International Hospitality Council (IHC) London, attempts to convey the message of hope, positivity and unity across borders and nations. YCO 2021 is out to prove that no pandemic or lockdown is bigger than brotherhood and friendship among people of the world. Like previous years, this year too, 50 countries will be competing with each other to win the coveted title along with the glittering trophy and prize money of $10,000.

Opening Ceremony, Young Chef Olympiad 2021
Opening Ceremony, Young Chef Olympiad 2021

The YCO 2021 virtual webcast is completely being controlled from the IIHM Kolkata Global Campus in Salt Lake. This technically advanced and equipped campus has been made into the headquarter of the culinary heats this year with the entire technical team geared up and ready to support this massive event through a complex system of web connectivity through seven days. The Opening Ceremony kicked off from the YCO Global Studio at the Global Campus from where the YCO participants, mentors, judges, students and all well-wishers in 50 countries, across 24 time zones and six continents connected on the same platform at the same time.

The Opening Ceremony commenced with the introduction of the countries participating with their young chef and mentor representatives. In view of the pandemic situation across the world, the participation is much less as most countries that are still under the influence of the Covid-19 virus and are facing stringent lockdown measures, could not sent their representatives to the competition this year.

However, the spirit is high and everyone is hopeful that YCO 2021 will be the guiding light for the entire hospitality industry across the world that has been severely affected by the lockdown. “We at IIHM and IHC are proud and delighted to bring back The Young Chef Olympiad even in these tough times. YCO is all about the spirit of positivity and bringing the young people of the world together and that is what YCO 2021 is going to focus on. This is how we can Bounce Back. YCO 2021 is the source of positivity and the guiding light for the hospitality industry to bounce back,” said Dr. Suborno Bose, the CEO of the International Hospitality Council and Chairman of IIHM.  

“We are separated by space and time, but we are connected together by YCO 2021. This is a global first in any category to organise something as huge as YCO on the online platform. YCO will always go on and nothing can stop it. I am awestruck by the scale of the competition and IIHM takes the lead to break barriers every year. The support of judges from all across the world. This is not just a competition, it is friendship that is created at YCO every year,” said Padma Shri Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Principal Judge of YCO.

“YCO 2021 is the inspiration of hope for young people. It is the Bounce Back, an important landmark in the history of this planet particularly for hospitality. There is no lockdown in friendship, there is no lockdown in creativity, there is no lockdown in imagination or the YCO. We have overcome the evils of the pandemic and YCO 2021 is a marvellous effort by the entire team,” said Prof David Foskett, the Chairman of IHC and the Chairman of the Jury of YCO 2021.

The Opening Ceremony further showcased the unveiling of the winner’s trophy by Dr. Suborno Bose and also unfurling of the Young Chef Olympiad flag. Against the backdrop of the YCO anthem, mentors and judges took the YCO oath on the online platform. This officially announced the opening of the 7th International IIHM Young Chef Olympiad that will be followed by six days of nail-biting competition.  

To further experience the YCO 2021 Opening Ceremony, click on the following link:

https://youtu.be/5Ym6p78NA5s  or on https://www.facebook.com/103259113052087/videos/617684002372390

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