IGNOU Convocation Sees 3670 Graduate, 6 Shine with Gold Medals

IGNOU Convocation Sees 3670 Graduate, 6 Shine with Gold Medals

Bengaluru, Karnataka – 23/2/2024 – The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) celebrated its convocation ceremony today, marking a momentous occasion for 3670 graduates who received their well-earned degrees. The ceremony also witnessed the recognition of six exceptional students who were awarded prestigious Gold Medals for their outstanding academic achievements.

Academic Excellence Highlighted:

  • Among the graduating class, six students stood out with their exceptional performance, earning them Gold Medals in their respective programs. These students are:
    • Subhayan Ghosh (M.Sc in Information Security)
    • Divya Raghavan (Master of Education)
    • Arpana Patwardhan (Master of Education)
    • Bharat Kumar (Master of Public Administration)
    • Karthik (B.A in Tourism Studies)
    • Sweta Kumari (B.A Honours in Hindi)
  • The convocation ceremony served as a platform to acknowledge the dedication and perseverance of all graduates, irrespective of their backgrounds or circumstances. IGNOU’s commitment to providing quality education opportunities for all was exemplified by the diverse range of degrees awarded, spanning various disciplines.

Words of Encouragement:

  • The ceremony included inspiring speeches from dignitaries, urging graduates to utilize their newfound knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to society. The emphasis was placed on lifelong learning, adaptability, and embracing innovation in a rapidly changing world.
  • The convocation marked a significant milestone for both the graduates and IGNOU. It showcased the university’s success in empowering individuals through open and distance learning, making education accessible to all, regardless of location or limitations.

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