IDFC Mutual Fund Encourages Investors To Keep Emotions Out of Investing With Innovative Balanced Advantage Fund Campaign

Bengaluru, January 06, 2022: Market volatility can lead investors to be driven by emotions and take irrational decisions. A disciplined asset allocation strategy can help reduce investment biases leading to better long-term results. This simple yet critical message forms the core of IDFC Mutual Fund’s latest investor awareness campaign which was launched today. Themed #InvestmentMeinNoEmotion (microsite: ), the campaign highlights the Balanced Advantage Fund category as a potential solution to manage this behavioral dilemma. A Balanced Advantage Fund is a hybrid fund that invests in both debt and equity markets, adopting a dynamic asset allocation strategy that can actively rebalance the portfolio depending on market conditions.

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Talking about the need for unemotional investing, Mr. Vishal Kapoor, CEO, IDFC Asset Management Company Limited (AMC) said, “It is only human to be emotional, whether it is anger, joy, fear or greed. However, avoiding these can help with better investment outcomes. For many investors, the fear of missing out or the greed of supernormal returns can override sensible investment decision-making. A Balanced Advantage Fund, through its dynamic allocation to equities and debt based on market conditions, can provide stability and better risk-adjusted returns over the long term. This in turn can help investors stay invested longer, and benefit from the growth potential of disciplined, long-term investing.”

Highlighting the focus of the campaign,Mr. Gaurab Parija, Head – Sales & Marketing, IDFC Asset Management Company Limited (AMC), added, “Investors look to grow their assets while aiming to limit the downside when markets correct. However, the challenge is to keep emotions out of investing. This is easier said than done as many of us are still taking early steps to the world of investing and find it difficult to navigate the volatility of the markets leading to very different experiences. Our latest campaign #InvestmentMeinNoEmotion deploys humor along with unique characterisation and an innovative storyboard urging investors to introspect and not let emotions cloud their investments when the market is being volatile.”

The campaign is showcased through two films featuring a chef and a musician, who unintentionally reveal embarrassing information about the inspiration behind their ‘talent’ while being swayed by their emotions, offering the viewer a chuckle while triggering an introspection. The films will be showcased across television as well as online media across various digital and social media platforms. A series of innovative creatives through outdoor media including hoardings across 15 cities will create additional visibility.

Established in 2000, IDFC AMC is focused on helping savers become investors and create wealth. It is one of India’s Top 10 asset managers with over Rs. 1,27,000 crore in average AUM in November 2021. With a seasoned management team, the AMC has branches in 45 cities and serves investors across over 750 locations in India. The AMC offers a range of prudently constructed investment products – across equities, fixed income, hybrid, and liquid alternatives – that aim to provide performance consistent with their well-defined objectives.


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