Dispelling fears of the COVID VACCINE

Dispelling fears of the COVID VACCINE

Rumors and myths are widely circulating in social media, on whether the COVID vaccine is safe or not? One must understand the science behind vaccinations and its safety.

The healthcare community is not only in the forefront of covid management but also in vaccinations. Many Healthcare leaders and medical, paramedical and administrative personnel have taken the Covid vaccine and helped dispel the fears.

One such example is Dr. Arjun Srivatsa, a senior neurosurgeon from Columbia Asia Hospitals, Hebbal in Bangalore. His is an interesting journey from being a kidney transplant recipient a few years back, which makes him immuno-compromised as he is on life long medication. He is a true warrior as he has continued to serve the community even during the pandemic. Being a neurosurgeon, his surgeries are long, strenuous and meticulous requiring precision, even when in peak health. Despite the pandemic, he continued his surgeries wearing full PPE, which is uncomfortable.

When the vaccine was rolled out, despite opposition from well-meaning friends, he was one of the first to get the vaccine. He had mild pain for a few hours and he now looks forward to the 2nd dose. Setting an example for all his friends and patients, he advises them to take the vaccine with no fear.

Almost 80% of the doctors, nurses and staff at Columbia Asia Hebbal have already taken the vaccine and entire staff will be vaccinated in the coming days according to BBMP schedule.  

Points to remember when you go for vaccination 

  • Carry your ID proof to the centre. 
  • Please inform the doctor if you have any allergies
  • You will be advised to rest for 30 minutes at the vaccination centre. Please follow the advice, the doctors will be monitoring you at that time and in case of any side effects, they shall be treating you accordingly. 
  • You will have to take the next dose after 28 days. 
  • Please follow all advise given by the doctor.  

Continue to wear a mask at all times, follow hand hygiene and social distancing practices even if you are vaccinated.

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