Delhi Lt Governor approves revival of 29 education officer posts

Delhi Lt Governor approves revival of 29 education officer posts

Delhi LG approves revival of 29 education posts after vacancies from 2019-2021; decision aligns with efforts to address staffing gaps for better school operation in Delhi.

Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor (LG), Vinai Kumar Saxena, has given the green light for the revival of 29 vacant Principal and Deputy Education Officer positions within the Department of Education, GNCTD (Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi). These crucial roles remain unfilled between 2019 and 2021 in schools run by the Delhi government.

Alongside this decision, the LG has also supported the recommendation to abolish six positions falling under the ‘immediate abolition’ category. These posts were identified due to their prolonged vacancy period, spanning from 2013 to 2017.

In April 2023, following evaluations conducted by the Administrative Reforms (AR) Department, the Education Department obtained approval from the Delhi LG to revive 126 posts and create 244 new positions for Principal/Deputy Education Officers within the Directorate of Education.


During the proposal’s consideration within the AR, Finance, and Planning Departments, additional posts were categorised as ‘deemed abolished,’ while others were identified for potential revival or abolition.

The Education Department, emphasising the importance of these positions, stated that the initial purpose behind their creation remains critical for the efficient functioning of the Department.


Presently, the responsibilities of these vacant positions are being managed by vice-principals as a temporary measure. However, this stopgap arrangement is limited and deemed unsustainable for the long-term smooth functioning of the educational system.

The LG’s recent approvals mark a significant step in addressing the staffing gaps within the education sector, aiming to enhance the operational efficiency and quality of education in Government schools.

source : indiatoday

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