CK Birla Hospital® celebrates International Yoga Day, inspiring residents to #UnlockTheInnerCreativity through yoga

CK Birla Hospital® celebrates International Yoga Day, inspiring residents to #UnlockTheInnerCreativity through yoga

New Delhi, June 20, 2023: The CK Birla Hospital®️, Delhi today organized an event ahead of International Yoga Day. The event successfully brought together over 500 residents from Punjabi Bagh and the surrounding areas to promote awareness about yoga and thereby encouraging a healthy lifestyle. The event was graced by the presence of Chief guest, Mrs. Suman Tyagi, MCD Councillor, Punjabi Bagh as well as Mr. Kailash Sankla, Ex MCD Councillor.

The event witnessed group sessions and demonstrations of various yoga asanas held under the guidance of an experienced yoga expert and health & wellness coach, Pooja Sethi. Various activities such as warming up with music, breath awareness, pranayama, and relaxation while chatting were performed during the event. The participants had the opportunity to learn and practice different yoga techniques that can be incorporated into their daily routine for enhanced physical and mental wellness. In addition to that, all registered participants were provided with complimentary t-shirts, refreshments, and special giveaways. This gesture aimed to motivate active participation and foster appreciation for the benefits of yoga and a healthy lifestyle.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Amit Sharma- Vice President, CK Birla Hospital®, said, “We are delighted to have organized this event on the auspicious occasion of International Yoga Day. Yoga holds immense power for unlocking our inner creativity and improving our overall health. We aimed to create awareness about the importance of yoga and inspire individuals to incorporate it into their daily lives. The event witnessed an enthusiastic response from participants who were eager to embrace the practice of yoga to promote their well-being. Individuals from diverse backgrounds and age groups actively took part, demonstrating their commitment to leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We are grateful to all the participants who joined us in this celebration, making it a resounding success.”

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