Aster RV Hospital Launches Aster Breast Clinic with World Class Facilities

Bangalore, 05 November 2020: Aster RV Hospital, a multi-specialty quaternary care hospital in Bengaluru, launched the Aster RV Breast Clinic in the city ahead of National Cancer Awareness Day. A dedicated center for women, the exclusive Breast Clinic will be led by a team of specialized doctors with vast experience in breast disorders and breast cancer treatment.

Dr. Vijay Agarwal, Lead & Senior Consultant, Medical Oncology, Aster RV Hospital, said, “Breast cancer is the leading cancer that affects women in India with an increasing number of cases being reported each year. India has a high mortality rate for breast cancer patients and the primary reason for this is the late diagnosis of the condition although it is treatable when found in the early stages. With the launch of the Breast Clinic, we aim to raise awareness among women on identifying breast cancer symptoms early and also help them with screening tools which will aid in the early detection and treatment.”

According to reports, one out of every 22 women in urban India is likely to develop breast cancer during their lifetime. 

The clinic will offer personalized care in a supportive and caring environment. Patients will be able to utilize advanced diagnostic tests in order to accurately diagnose and treat all breast-related issues with advanced X-ray, 2D combined with 3D mammograms, breast ultrasounds, biopsy and breast MRI. The clinic also has a Da Vinci Robotic surgical system for minimally invasive breast cancer surgeries and reconstructions.

Dr. Nawab Jan, Consultant – Breast Surgeon, Aster RV Hospital said “The clinic is designed to address any breast-related concerns such as breast pain, tenderness, any lumps or cysts, or infections in the breast area, in a safe and sensitive environment. Also, cosmetic procedures like breast implants/reduction, reconstruction will be offered here.  Patients will be counseled on the most effective diagnostics and treatment approach across a multi-disciplinary team.”

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