Aster Hospitals Bangalore brings doctors to the home of patients via its eCONSULT Mobile Application- The New Normal

Movement restrictions due to lockdown and social distancing is not keeping Aster’s patient away from their doctors. Aster CMI Hospital and Aster RV Hospital has come together to launch the  “Aster eConsult” mobile application on both android and Apple store which helps patient connect with their doctor for any ailment or for a follow-up visit from their comforts of home. Its safe and new normal in these testing times to ensure continuum of care.

Aster eCONSULT Mobile application is the easiest way to consult doctors across specialties from general physician, paediatricians, gynaecologists, dermatologist, dentist, eye doctor, cardiologist, orthopaedics to renowned surgeons using the app either through video or tele consultation.

It’s just like a walk-in / face to face interaction with the doctor. All the interaction is kept confidential along with the prescription and reports which one can access online anytime. It’s that simple just like visiting the doctor in your neighbour-hood.

Advantages of Aster e Consult Mobile Application:

  1. Safe and Convenient – Helps to take appointment online (fixed date and time) and consult the doctor without any fear. Simple solution can be done on a mobile or on desktop.
  2. Pay Online – One can pay online through the integrated payment gateway safely and securely.
  3. Reports all in One Place – Post consultation the patient gets a summary notes, prescription and the same is digitally stored in the Patient Health Record (PHR) section on the mobile app and one can access them from anywhere and anytime.
  4. The application is in compliance to HIPAA standards and also to all the requirements laid down by the recent Guidelines published by MCI
  5. Continuum of care with Lab services, home care and Drug delivery with help of Aster@Home

Dr Harish Pillai, Chief Executive Officer, Aster DM Healthcare India said, “Through this eConsult mobile application, we intend to bring Doctors to the home of the patients for any consultation and follow up that they require without stepping out. eConsult enables our experienced doctors to be in touch with patients and access their records anytime and anywhere and advise them in these trying times. All services required for consulting with the doctors are provided on one seamlessly integrated platform.”

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