Apollo leads India’s Solid Multi-Organ Transplantation with over 23000 transplants,establishes global leadership

Apollo leads India’s Solid Multi-Organ Transplantation with over 23000 transplants,<br>establishes global leadership

Apollo, the world’s largest vertically integrated healthcare provider, announced
the completion of 23,000 transplants since the inception of the Apollo Transplant Program.
The Apollo Transplant Program stands as one of the world’s most advanced and comprehensive
transplant program, renowned for its cutting-edge services. Since 2012, the program has been
performing over 1200 transplants annually. Despite the challenges posed by the peak of the COVID
pandemic in 2020, 814 transplants were carried out. However, in 2022, the program reached new
heights with an exceptional figure of 1641 transplants, showcasing outstanding outcomes and
solidifying a reputation built on trust and an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality
of care. Notably, this program holds the distinction of being the first in India to surpass the significant
milestones of 18,500 kidney transplants, 4300 liver transplants, and 500 pediatric liver transplants.
Apollo Hospitals had performed the first successful liver transplants in India in an adult and child in
1998 and the first combined liver kidney transplants in 1999.
Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Founder Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group, New Delhi, said, “It gives us immense
please to see that our efforts to continue providing the best healthcare for people has been reciprocated
by immense trust that patients across the globe have put in us. We see this milestone as a testament of
the advancement of clinical excellence practices we have been able to build in India with two very
important aspects at the core- care and technology. As we strive to keep our population healthy, we will
continue to remain committed to bringing the world class care to everyone us.”
India has emerged as a sought-after hub for global patients seeking medical treatment, and Apollo has
established itself as a prominent name in the domain of solid organ transplantation, state-of-the-art
technology, and delivering top-notch healthcare that matches international standards. With an
impressive track record of conducting 23,000 transplants, 30% of which were for international patients,
Apollo stands out as a leading contributor in the field. Notably, Apollo performs approximately 12% of
all transplants in India, and its expertise extends to 1% of global transplant procedures.
Apollo has performed transplants in patients from over 50 countries including the US, Canada,
Philippines, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria,
Sudan, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, CIS, Myanmar, and others.
Dr Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice-Chairperson, of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise said “India has
attracted a lot of international patients seeking medical care because of its reputation as a leader in the
field of healthcare. We have established a solid framework for both professional excellence and state of
the art technology and are able to meet the complicated demands of patients while maintaining a sharp
emphasis on results and care. At Apollo, we have leveraged the ecosystem better. Our vision is to bring
international standard healthcare within reach of every individual, and we are committed to providing
quality care across our hospitals.
The Apollo Transplant Program is well-founded with the best infrastructure that is delivered with the
highest possible quality by an eminent pool of globally renowned transplant surgeons, nephrologists,
gastroenterologists, pediatric gastroenterologists, pediatric surgeons, anesthetists, intensive care
physicians, and lab experts. The program has established a reputation for dependability and trust over
the last decade, offering the highest level of care and producing results that are unparalleled globally.
Dr. Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director and Senior Pediatric Gastroenterologist, at Indraprastha Apollo
Hospitals, said, “We are delighted to have accomplished this landmark, and are privileged to offer hope
to patients with end stage organ failure from across the globe. We now routinely perform complicated
kidney transplants, combined liver – kidney transplants, combined kidney – pancreas transplants, multi –
organ transplants, heart transplants, lung transplants, heart – lung transplants and liver transplants in
children and adults. We have an impressive track record in ABO incompatible liver and kidney
transplants, liver transplants in babies as small as 4 kgs. Sanjay, the recipient of the first successful
pediatric liver transplant in India at Apollo Hospitals Delhi in 1998, Sanjay is now practicing as a doctor.”
The Apollo Transplant Institutes are spread over more than 24 locations, 8 of which perform liver
transplants and 6 perform multi-organ transplants, thus offering a mix of services that are equipped to
take care of the entire spectrum of liver, kidney, lung and heart failure, over 250 doctors serve as
consultants for the organization’s solid organ transplant program.
As the number of organ transplants in India continues to rise, the Apollo Transplant Program emerges
as a pivotal force, driving innovation and serving as a beacon of inspiration for delivering advanced and
high-quality healthcare to patients worldwide. With its unwavering commitment to pushing the
boundaries of medical possibilities, Apollo’s transplant program sets a remarkable standard for
excellence, constantly pushing the frontiers of medical advancements and redefining the landscape of
organ transplantation. By consistently pioneering new techniques, fostering breakthrough research,
and providing exceptional patient care, Apollo’s program stands at the forefront of progress, attracting
patients from around the globe in search of transformative medical solutions.
About Apollo
Apollo revolutionized healthcare when Dr Prathap Reddy opened the first hospital in Chennai in 1983.
Today Apollo is the world’s largest vertically integrated healthcare platform with over 10,000 beds
across 71 hospitals, 5,400 pharmacies and over 200 clinics and diagnostic centers as well as 150
telemedicine centers. It is the world’s leading cardiac center with over 200,000 surgeries and the
world’s largest private cancer care provider. Apollo continues to invest in research to bring the most
cutting-edge technologies, equipment and treatment protocols to ensure patients have the best
available care in the world. Apollo’s 100,000 family members are dedicated to bringing you the best
care and leaving the world better than we found it

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