AI Appreciation Day Commentary

AI Appreciation Day Commentary

Dr. Skand Bali, The Hyderabad Public School

“AI tools are here to stay; this is one of those once-in-a-millennia technology changes. The biggest contribution that Artificial Intelligence could make to education in the Indian context would be to promote the idea of learning as learner centered.  The intervention of Al will be a collaborative exercise rather than as generative tools. Schools can find a way out to work alongside these AI tools, allowing it to help students create outlines for writing assignments,but write the essays longhand themselves.Today’s students will graduate in a world full of AI bots, tools, and generative programs. Policing students will be a much tougher task than rethinking classroom practices and restructuring learning models.

With AI automating admin tasks, it will create more time for teachers to spend with their students, understand an individual student’s need better and modify lessons accordingly. It is not just for students, educators can use it effectively to help develop advance tests, generate case studies, write emails and rethink teaching strategies rather than spend long evenings on lesson plans and student papers.

Nevertheless, we can always challenge the students to show they know more than the bot, they will jump at the challenge.”

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