A senior Web Designer drops a seven-figure salary job determined to help small-town graduates.

A senior Web Designer drops a seven-figure salary job determined to help small-town graduates.

 With years of experience in web designing, Mrs. Sandireddy Nandini, a Senior Software Engineer, is the founder of the IT training institute A2N academy.

A resident of Andhra Pradesh, Mrs. Nandini was a brilliant student in academics. She was a District level gold medalist in her 12th finals at Government Junior College, Chandragiri.

Further, she pursued her Engineering (BTech) at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. Graduating with flying colors, she worked as a Junior Developer in an IT company. After a year of experience, she joined Nextwebi IT Solutions Pvt Ltd and worked as a Senior Software Engineer until 2020.

A vibrant woman that she is, Mrs. Nandini had the desire to explore her interests in teaching. She began to put her skills into practice by teaching a few of her peers, helping them secure a decent-paying job. It led her to think of the opportunities she could generate by providing practical knowledge of the IT industry to young minds. 

Pondering over this thought for almost four years, in 2020, Mrs. Nandini saw a chance during the stressful period of COVID-19, when fresh graduates were either at a loss of words or were in search of a career. That’s when she decided to drop her job and open a Training Institute providing live online classes to the newbies.

With an ideology of providing every tiny detail about the working of the IT industry, she came up with A2N, which in mathematics, is the letter A to Nth term, to infinity, meaning to teach everything about technical terms without omitting any information, as a complete education is a key to a stable future. She wanted A2N to be that bridge of opportunities for students to
get placed in renowned IT companies. 

So, collaborating with IT professionals, she began offering a Web Designing course that was her field of expertise, followed by Digital Marketing, React JS, Python, Cybersecurity courses, which are currently trending in the IT industry. There are practical sessions on Real-time projects, free demo classes, assistance in preparing Resumes, and conducting
Mock Interviews to prepare the students for various interviews that they may come across.
She joined hands with IT companies to offer internship opportunities to help students explore their skills and gain more experience in the IT industry. 

A woman who wanted the betterment of this younger generation in small towns, made it her goal to provide that opportunity to learn and know their capabilities in life.
She is indeed an inspiration.

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