Do not ignore sleep disorder – Follow tips for a healthy sleep

Do not ignore sleep disorder – Follow tips for a healthy sleep

By Dr. Satish Babu, Senior Consultant, ENT, Columbia Asia Hospital Sarjapur Road Vidya was excited when she got her new job after graduation and she liked her office work hours as she could log off from work at 6 pm everyday. After finishing her work, she would rush home to catch her favourite series. Although, […]

Prameya Health Launches Online Supportive Care Program for Parkinson’s Patients

Prameya Health’s FENS Supportive Care for persons with Parkinson’s Disease, delivered online, provides key components of supportive care like Physiotherapy and Yoga, Speech Therapy, Psychological Counselling for patients and caregivers and Diet and Nutrition BENGALURU / April 9, 2021: Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative disease that affects a part of the brain called Basal Ganglia. It […]

Increasing number of people below 40 showing symptoms of Parkinson’s: Vikram Hospital Doctors

Incidence of Parkinson’s Disease rising with increasing life expectancy Availability of PD specialists only in big cities, procedures like DBS out of reach for many, and lack of financial and care-giving support are the main challenges facing Parkinson’s patients, according to Rajeev K Gupta, celebrated author of the book “Destination Unknown – My Journey with […]

Fight Against Tuberculosis Begins with Awareness: Know the Symptoms

By Dr.HirenappaUdnur, Pulmonologist, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal India shares the burden of a quarter of global tuberculosis cases. Tuberculosis popularly addressed with the acronym TB is an infectious disease that usually affects the lungs. It can also affect other parts of the body like the spine or the brain. Lack of awareness, ignorance has made […]

Good oral health – Brush up on the basics

Good oral health – Brush up on the basics

Dr. ArunMurali, Consultant – Dentistry and Dental Surgery, Columbia Asia Hospital Sarjapur Road A clean and shining set of teeth can add charm to a beautiful smile. Being one of the most important parts of our body teeth needs to be taken care of regularly. To be precise, food enters our body through the mouth. […]

Unique Nanoscope Technology successfully treats 30 years old woman suffering from wrist insatiability at Fortis Cunningham Road

Bengaluru, March 24, 2021: A team of doctors at Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Road successfully treated a 30-year-old female with a rare wrist insatiability through a minimally invasive surgery performed using unique technology of nanoscope of 1.9 mm. The team was led by Dr. Raghu Nagaraj, Senior Consultant, Orthopedics and Bone & Joint Surgery, Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Road. Nanoscope is the latest technology in […]

Cigarette smoking increases the risk of severe TB infection

Article by Dr. Pavan Yadav, Consultant – Interventional Pulmonology, Sleep Medicine and Lung Transplantation, Aster RV Hospital Tuberculosis is a rampant disease in our country with more than 27% of the world’s TB cases occurring in India, according to the Global Tuberculosis Report 2019. Curbing cigarette smoking plays a key role in overcoming the TB […]

Tips to handle emergency situations effectively

By Dr.Saurav Das, Consultant – Emergency Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital Sarjapur Road Emergency situations often come without any warning and most of us are unprepared or unsure about handling them. Grasping the situation quickly and responding to it in time in a right way is crucial to manage emergency situations. Therefore, knowing the basic tips […]

Health management tips for people suffering from kidney disease

By Dr. Veerabhadra Guptha K, Senior Consultant, Nephrology, Aster RV Hospital Kidney disease affects millions of people all over the world and is known as a silent killer. Quite often it does not exhibit any symptoms in the initial stages and the disorder goes undetected till it has reached an advanced stage. A person suffering […]

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